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With years of experience in producing leisure beverages, we have been honored with multiple international certifications. Equipped with advanced equipment comparable to international manufacturers, we have become a trusted and high-quality brand internationally. Our products are entirely made in Taiwan and are highly trusted and loved by the public.

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TA1363-FS-HC ISO HACCP logo_3_edited.jpg

ISO 22000


Food and Drug Administration


Ming House possesses advanced high-end equipment and operates with high-standard automated production specifications to ensure pure and high-quality product quality.

​Plant Milk series


Made from non-genetically modified Canadian soybeans, ground and slow-cooked, our product is free of preservatives and cholesterol. It is a healthy choice for your lifestyle.


Carefully selected non-genetically modified Canadian soybeans, combined with oats, and refined using traditional methods, to extract a rich and creamy oat milk.


Made from double non-genetically modified Canadian soybeans, soy milk contains high-quality plant-based proteins, soy isoflavones, and dietary fiber. It is low in sugar and not greasy, with a rich and aromatic taste.


Carefully selected Taiwanese green kernel black beans, renowned for their nutritional richness, are meticulously cooked to create a smooth and rich textured beverage. With every sip, you can taste the natural essence of the beans.

​Milk series


Papaya milk

We carefully select fresh and sweet guava juice from the place of origin, and combine it with high-quality rich milk sourced from New Zealand to create the perfect blend. It is creamy and indulgent without being overwhelming.


Combining rich New Zealand milk with fresh mangoes from the place of origin, it emits a sweet and rich milky fragrance that guarantees an unforgettable experience once you try it.


Carefully selected sweet and fresh Taiwanese bananas, paired with New Zealand-produced fresh and sweet milk, showcase a unique and rich flavor.


Apple milk

Using high-purity New Zealand milk as the base, combined with the sweetness of fresh apples, it creates a rich and sweet flavor that is refreshing and not cloying on the palate.

​Coffee Series


Blue Mountain flavored coffee offers a smooth and velvety texture, accompanied by the unique richness of coffee beans' aroma. It leaves an unforgettable and lingering taste that keeps you coming back for more.


Meticulously brewed from carefully selected coffee beans, our product has a rich and smooth taste, accompanied by a lingering and intense aroma.

​Dairy Series


Matcha soy milk

Rich Japanese matcha paired with smooth soy milk made from non-genetically modified Canadian soybeans creates a creamy and lingering taste of matcha soy milk, delivering the pure and natural authentic flavor that is even better than you can imagine.


Infused with a unique almond aroma and a hint of rice flavor, it delivers a simple yet fresh and pleasant taste.

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